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Ankom International Ltd. Şti. company has been established in March 2012 as subsidiary company of Ankom Group Kazakhstan, Atyrau. Which has been dealing for more than 15 years so far with the supplying of materials in the oil and gas industry for Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan companies such as: (TCO, Saipem, NCOC, KPJV, PSN, etc. ). Ankom International Ltd. Şti. is registered in Ankara, Turkey and its owners are: %75 Kazakh and %25 Turkish nationality. With a headquarter in Ankara/Turkey, Ankom International LTD.ŞTİ. also has branches in Germany, UK, Canada and Russia..


During this time period the gained experience and skills has let us compete with companies of Europe and America. Our database of suppliers and materials include nearly 100 companies and 2500 nominations of goods. Further to the above-mentioned information our company could succeed to be a direct vendor in TengizChevroil’s (TCO) system since 2015. Which has to be noted as a great achievement for Ankom International Ltd.Şti. Among the large variety of the supplied items we can admit to have good statistics with supplying of Chemical products.

In addition to this a new achievement to be noted down is also the fact that in May 2017 we have positively completed the prequalification process to be included in the North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) vendor list for the below commodity classes.


The Key Features of our Job.


To be a leader/the best/ dominant supplier of the Chemical Products. By providing outstanding quality, service and value, so that we meet our customers’ requirements/needs.


To help our customers achieve their business objectives; by providing anything they might want to buy, at the lowest possible prices and shortest time.


The company's main objective is being able to compete in the international level and to increase the quality of services provided as well. The main fields of trading are in Chemicals; Fire-proofing systems and consumables, Cables (power and instrumentation), etc.


To remain successful, our company has to take some initiatives to change various aspects of our business and add new ones if possible. Thus, our main goal is to be able to win the tender and be a leader in supplying of chemicals. And that’s not all, this could be a good reference for our company to be a good and trusted supplier in other sector/scope of products as well.

Strategic Plans

Our company’s strategic plans for a future growth and long-term project is to expand our business further more on other regions as well such as; Africa and Iran. Moreover, we are trying to have the partnership for Kazakhstan region on the fire safety products. (These include Angus Fire, National Foam and Eau et Feu.) Another very important issue to be mentioned in our strategic plan is the fact that Ankom International together with our head office Ankom LLP and our partners (to have the possibility to manufacturer ourselves Grit Garnet Mesh 30/60 (item 4), to open a shop for bottling and packaging of WD-40 products, It is planned to open a packaging workshop for the analog of tem 4 GRIT. And the product itself will be mined at a mine in Kazakhstan. Management annually conducts monitoring of goods whose production can be organized in Kazakhstan and carry out a marketing analysis.

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